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Cost of Living

Approximately 1000 TL/month including accommodation


The University has two dormitories in Kayseri (one for males the other for females) each with a capacity to house 1500 students. The rooms vary from two to six beds. Central heatinghot water are available. Lunchdinner are served. Barbers/hairdressers, internet café, laundry facilities, dry cleaning servicesstudy halls are the additional conveniences that are provided. Private dormitories, student hostels, or flats in Talas or in the city center are among the other accommodation alternatives. No matter the student stays, he/she can easily commute tofrom the campus by means of public transportation.


A dining hall with a capacity of 2500 students is available on the main university campus in Kayseri. The menu is prepared by dietitiansis served throughout the academic year between the hours 11.00-13.00. The meals are nutritious, warmpalatable. Half of the total cost of the meals is covered by the Students Social Service Fund. There are also faculty canteens, restaurantspastry shops students are regularly served tea, coffee, soft drinksvarious dishes prepared under hygienichealthy conditions

Medical Facilities

Students who apply to Medico-Social Health Centre are given medical treatment for a small charge. If the need be, they are transferred to Gevher Nesibe Hospital of the university.

The students with dental problems are treated in the dental unit of the Medico-Social Health Centre. Tooth pulling, cavity filling,canal treatment are among the services provided by the center. Various medical tests are also done at the Medico-Social Laboratory. Psychological counseling guidance is also provided for the students by the Medico-Social Unit.

Facilities for Special needs Students

Free accommodation in the furnished flats of Demir Karamancı Housing Complex is offered by the University to the highest-achieving undergraduate students


Insuring all of the students against minor accidents has been put into practice as of 2004-2005 academic year. Insurance that covers the costs of therapy, prolonged injurydeath is provided at a very small cost to the students

Financial Support for Students

The students who are genuinely in need of financial supportwho have not failed in any of the courses they have taken thus far qualify for scholarships. The CreditDormitories Institution, the Turkish Education Foundation, Erciyes University Foundation, Feyzioglu Foundation, the Ministry of Education are the major institutions that grant the scholarships. Providing on-campus employment opportunities is the other widely practiced means of financial support in the university. 

Student Affairs Office

The data concerning student grades other personal information are stored and processed by the Student Affairs Office in the Graduate School of Educational Sciences. The office in the school provides several documents, such as, certificates of graduation, transcripts, student ID’s etc., upon student request.

Learning Facilities

The Graduate School has 1500 m2 space on the ground floor of the Graduate School Educational Sciences building to provide service to the University community. There are 6 classrooms, 1 computer room and a conference room. 

International Programmes

No international program is in operation.

Practical Information for Mobile Students

No mobile student program is in operation. If necessary, international office of the university offers info pack about the universitythe city.

Language Courses

No language course is in operation in the programmes for the mobile students at the moment as there is no mobile student.


There is no internship programme at programmes at the school.

SportsLeisure Facilities

Students may benefit from indoor outdoor sports facilities on the campus. The Süleyman Demirel Sports Hall is conducive to playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and handball. Students have access to the 80th year Atatürk Indoor Football Complex. There are also four outdoor tennis courts, four outdoor basketball courts, two indoor volleyball courtsfour outdoor mini football fields. The semi-olympic sized swimming pool complex in the campusthe Skiing Center on Mount Erciyes, approximately 25 km south of Kayseri, are as well worthy of mention.  

Sports festivals are organized every year under the title of the Rector’s Cup. The teams of the faculties also participate in the university games in all fields of sports organized nationwide. Basketball volleyball teams representing the University compete in the official Turkish leagues.  

Student Associations

As for student association in the university, clubs established by the students under the leadership of an academician serve various facilities for those interested sports, cultural leisure time activities etc. Just to mention a few: Fine Arts Club, Architecture Club, Astronomy Club, AEGEE, Scientific Research Club, Skiing Club, Korean Culture Club, Ceramic Club, Dance Club, Drama Club, Music Club, Chess and Bridge Club, etc.